Helping the Economy of a Family with Technology

18 December 2019

December 2019 - Many young people use technology development as a source of income, one of them is Jonathan Septian Hendra. This young man, who is still a student, has been in business in the online world as the owner of for more than 4 years and has reached a wide market.

With a strong desire and ability to help the family economy, this 17-year-old teenager sells gadgets and mobile accessories with his siblings. Jonathan's interest in the product is due to his hobby in the field of technology, which in its development is followed by a variety of products that have the potential to be sold.

Jonathan also revealed that he sacrificed first to have initial capital from personal belongings. "For the initial capital to do this business, I sell my cellphone and personal laptop. Keep aside some of the allowance too, "said the student born in 2002 who aspires to be an entrepreneur.

Initially he focused on selling mobile phone accessories online, which is an electrical converter plug with sales of 500 to 1000 cables a week. Then in 2016, Jonathan began selling various gadget units. "This sale is in the form of pre-sellers, for now you can get 10 to 20 orders. Profit is about 10 to 20 million per month, "he added.

To respond to market prices, Jonathan does not spend so much on price discounts in marketing strategies to consumers. "I choose to give free gadget accessories bonuses to attract consumers," he said.

Jonathan also explained that now he has sent hundreds of packages every month and more often gets orders from outside Jakarta, such as Sulawesi and Surabaya. Therefore, choosing an express delivery service provider is important for him.

"To send products like this, I often use JNE because of competitive prices, many product service choices, and it is also convenient. More often use the REG service, but I return it to consumers who want to use what service, "he explained.

Jonathan also admitted that aside from the quality of service, he was comfortable using JNE since joining as a member of JLC (JNE Loyalty Card) last year. Every time he sends a package through JNE he gets a benefit in the form of points so that he has a chance to get a prize. "Until now I am still collecting JLC points. If there are many, the prizes that can be obtained are also more attractive, "he said.

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