JNE and Billionaire Coach to Encourage West Java’s SMEs to Go Up in Class

12 December 2019

December, 2019 – JNE cooperated with the Billionaire Coach to organize a seminar entitled 10X Digital Scale up containing various supportive programs for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), including explanation by experts in digital marketing strategy, branding, etc. This activity aims at increasing sales potential, so that they will also contribute to increasing the national economy.

The 10X Digital Scale Up Seminar organized at Hotel Intercontinental Dago, Bandung (09/12/19) invited a digital expert, Dewa Eka Prayoga, as the Founder of Billionaire Coach, Muri Handayani as the creativepreneur, and Dodi Zulkifli as the branding expert. There was also a speaker from JNE top management, Eri Palgunadi, as the VP of Marketing and Agusnur Widodo as the GM Express. These two speakers explained many things of JNE’s various programs or products and services which, when used appropriately, may promote business growth and development.

Like JNE’s other activities, the event was opened with donation to the orphans and the poor, which at the time was distributed through the Inisiaif Zakat Indonesia (IZI) and the Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT). The donation was given directly by JNE President Director, M Feriadi and the other directors of JNE, Chandra Fireta and Edi Santoso.

The 10X Digital Scale Up Seminar was attended by 600 participants from various cities, including Bandung, Cirebon, Sukabumi, Tasikmalaya, Karawang and Purwakarta. The participants, selected from totally 3000 applicants, enthusiastically followed all of the interactive sessions and the atmosphere got livelier during the door prize session, with the prizes consisting of laptop, bicycle, smartphone, etc.

M. Feriadi, JNE President Director, said, “The spreading and growth of online sales positively contribute to the economic growth. In line with it, we also wish SMEs, as one to support the economy, to grow well, so that they will positively influence the national economy.”

Murah Lestari, or more familiarly called Tari, as the Head of West Java Regional JNE, who attended together with the board of directors said that many aspects may be improved from SMEs’ potential, one of which is online marketing. “Therefore, JNE together with Billionaire Coach educate SME players through a program focusing on increasing business, such as various online marketing strategies with digital marketing,” she said.

“Besides having to improve their competitiveness in marketing their products, the creativepreneurs should also be able to utilize various facilities to support delivery activities maximally. Therefore, we also gave the participants knowledge of the benefits service products and benefits of partnering with JNE in developing their business,” added Tari.


Tari also explained that JNE and Billionaire Coach’s program in support of SMEs like the 10X Scale Up Seminar will continue. “In the future, we will select entrepreneurs who want to focus on developing their business with various advanced business development programs, such as workshop and coaching class,” she explained.

Dewa Eka Prayoga as the Founder of Billionaire Coach and as one of the speakers said, “Many things occur in online sales, such as brand competitors whose price is higher while the product is just ordinary, but they have loyal customers. How could this occur? All of these are revealed in the 10X digital scale up”.

Dewa also added that strategy must be used in digital world business. “Without correct strategy and digital marketing science, entrepreneurs will not only obtaining no multiple return, but they may also suffer loss. In this seminar, besides motivation to open the entrepreneurs’ mindset, there will be an advanced business development program for selected entrepreneurs,” added the author of the Best Seller book of 7 Kesalahan Fatal Pengusaha Pemula.

The positive growth of digital economy requires an institution or company to change their strategy of communication with the community as the market target. The connectivity built with internet and mobile devices creates an online community, in which distance serves no longer a constraint in communication with anyone, including between consumers and a company as a service or product provider.


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