JNE Bantul Inauguration JNE Yogyakarta’s Peak Season Preparation by Adding More Service Points

14 May 2018

May 2018 - Ramadhan, Eid ul-Fitr, and the other feast days are considered the moments in which the communities’ needs to distribute their goods are increasing. The number of JNE package delivery in the holy month of Ramadan and Eid ul-Fitr annually increases at the average of 20% - 30%, including in Yogyakarta.

JNE Yogyakarta which always strives to become more sensitive related to the communities’ needs, continuously develop its infrastructure and networks. The addition of service points, starting from Regency, Sub-district to Village is intended to facilitate the society to make the delivery transactions in its regions during this year's holiday.

On Monday, 5/14 JNE Yogyakarta has inaugurated a new Branch Office in Bantul Regency. Adi Subagyo, JNE Yogyakarta Branch Manager and Marsudi, JNE Central Java-DIY Regional Head were present to inaugurate the new branch office located on Jl. Wachid Hasyim No. 19 Ringinharjo, Bantul, Yogyakarta. In addition, the local government officials ranging from the Sector Police, Regency, Military Headquarter, Heads of local villages and hamlets.

Adi stated that the addition of networks intended to facilitate the customers to reach the JNE service points is considered one important effort to boost the development of SMEs as the e-commerce actors. "In order to make the online buying and selling processes run well, especially in this fasting month and Eid ul-Fitr, the package delivery processes should be convenience and easy for the online sellers," he said.

Adi also further explained that today, more than 100 JNE sales counters are spread all over the regions of Yogyakarta starting from Yogyakarta Municipality, Sleman, Bantul, Kulonprogo and Gunungkidul. "Our target in 2018 is 15 new sales counters to open in Yogyakarta. Tomorrow morning, we will inaugurate the JNE Wijilan Sales Counter precisely located in Gudeg Center", said the man who once served as JNE Mojokerto Branch Manager.

JNE Bantul has a 2-storey building which inside provides two sales counters with a convenience waiting room, easily parking access and located on the main road. Package Pickup facilities are also provided for free to the customers who are unable to directly bring their packages to the service points.

In his speech, Marsudi said that in 2018, he targeted JNE Central Java-DIY networks may reach up to the administrative village level. "The existence of JNE in each regency, such as Bantul to accommodate the needs of JNE partners sales counters in the administrative village that the package pick up services from the sales counters may be performed faster and directly in the delivery process either via land or air transportation.

Regarding to the opening of two service points in this May, JNE Yogyakarta has made a network development and penetration up to 124 service points, consisting of 43 service points in Sleman, 34 in Bantul and 16 service points in Yogyakarta city, 14 service points in Kulonprogo and the other 14 service points in Gunungkidul. Meanwhile, the other 3 service points serve as the JNE Main Branch Offices and Representatives.

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