JNE Encourages Pelapak’s Sales through Bukalapak’s KOPDAR 2018 in Tasikmalaya

09 April 2018

April 2018 – To develop all SMEs throughout Indonesia, various programs and innovations are continuously made both by the government and private companies. Having a similar mission to optimize the MSMEs’ online sales, JNE and Bukalapak held Bukalapak’s gathering (familiarly known as Kopi Darat/Kopdar)  2018 in Tasikmalaya at Ayam Geprek Juara, Jl Yudanegara Tasikmalaya, West Java on Sunday, April 8, 2018.

As a merchants’ (known as Pelapak) logistic partner, JNE explains the role of delivery service company as one main pillar of all e-commerce systems in supporting SMEs in Tasikmalaya. Andre Nurdjianto, as JNE Tasikmalaya Branch Deputy Head also enthusiastically share his tips on how to well pack the products, meet the customers’ needs in digital era, as well as JNE services and network innovations.

"To continuously develop e-commerce in Indonesia, the collaboration and synergy among all stakeholders within the ecosystem should always be made. At this event, JNE supports pelapak to keep developing their businesses. When pelapak or SMEs have already utilized various facilities provided by JNE, the delivery activities may then become one essential factor to highly improve their online sales, "Andre said.

Bukalapak’s KOPDAR 2018 was held in Tasikmalaya with the topic " Sales Optimization at Bukalapak" and was attended by more than 50 online business actors who have joined Bukalapak Community in Tasikmalaya. There are many supporting aspects for pelapak to become successful through online sales. Thus, this activity provide various topics to discuss, including the importance of product appearance, good packaging, product title, sale information completeness and others.

Leyana Riesca as the Manager of Bukalapak Community Regional 1, said that "Bukalapak is divided into 3 Regions and one of them leads all cities in Sumatra, West Java, Banten, and Jabodetabek, including Cirebon. Mutual assistance (known as gotong royong) and collaborative concepts in Bukalapak are realized through activities which provide various benefits, such as Bukalapak’s Kopdar. It is expected that through this activity, Tasikmalaya and its surrounding areas may support each other to mutually become successfull".

In addition to inviting a guest speaker from JNE, one best merchant (known as pelapak jawara) and a community ranger in Tasikmalaya, Rohimat, familiarly called "Kang Roy", performed "Lapak Surgery" including tips and tricks in writing product titles, good product photographs and the other aspects. "The other important things besides skills in selling products and providing the best services to the consumers, are the spirit and sense of optimism that by having online sales, even in small towns, maximum income may be obtained and even more than the workers earn in big cities", said Kang Roy who has started his businesses in Bukalapak since 2011.

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