JNE Holds Fun Learning for Children on National Heroes' Day

15 November 2019

Medan, November 2019 - In commemoration of National Heroes' Day which falls on November 10, JNE Medan organizes various programs, such as activities at school or campus. One of them is holding a Fun Learning for Kindergarten students of Global Prima Medan on Thursday 14th November at 09.00 - 11.00.

This activity, which is part of JNE's CSR in the field of education, was attended by 90 students and kindergarten students. Fikri Alhaq Fachryana as Head of JNE Medan's main branch also attended directly with the Head of TK Global Prima Medan, Loni Arti, S.Pd.

Fikri said, "JNE will continue to be active in activities that benefit the community. In the field of education, not only JNE Goes to School or JNE Goes to Campus, but also JNE Goes to Kindergarten. Commemorating Heroes' Day this year, JNE Goes to Kindergarten contains Fun Learning activities held so that they can get to know and appreciate the services of the heroes in this country ".

Fikri also added that reminding heroes' Day as one of the National Days to the nation's next generation from an early age is important. "The history of the struggle of the nation and the heroes must continue to be reminded, so that the sense of nationalism and love of the homeland of the younger generation can continue to increase".

Fun Learning in JNE Goes to Kindergarten opens with a prayer together in English. Various activities that can be attended by all students of Global Prima Kindergarten Medan have also been prepared. At the event, the children were invited to wear hero-style costumes, sing Indonesia Raya songs together, various exciting games, puppet stage shows, and coloring competitions.

In her remarks, Loni Arti, S.Pd said, "We hope that with this activity children will get to know and appreciate the services of our heroes, not only in the past but also in the present. The most important thing from this activity is the nature of appreciating the efforts or services of others that must be embedded in each of our students ".

Loni also really appreciated JNE Medan who organized this activity. "JNE Goes to Kindergarten with the concept of Fun Learning can train creativity and stimulate children's enthusiasm in competing and interacting with others. We hope that Global Prima's collaboration, which is a foundation consisting of kindergarten, elementary, junior and senior high schools with JNE, can continue to be established, "he added.

JNE Goes to Kindergarten is a Medan JNE CSR program that runs almost every month since the beginning of 2019. Previously, this activity had been carried out in 8 Kindergarten in Medan and its surroundings, so Global Prima Kindergarten was the 9th. "Through this, JNE also hopes to foster knowledge about the courier profession that plays an important role in various fields because it carries the mandate of many people," concluded Fikri.

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