JNE Jambi has successfully held a Vaccination Program for Hundreds of Employees and Residents in Sulanjana Sub-district for Free!!

16 July 2021

Jambi - July 2021 - In supporting the handling acceleration fighting against the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic which continuously increases, JNE Jambi through Sulanjana Village, East Jambi and Talang Banjar Health Center has participated in the vaccination program initiated by the Jambi City Government for the surrounding people. 150 JNE employees and 100 residents received the vaccination program held on 15 July 2021 at 8 a.m. - 12 a.m. at JNE Jambi Main Branch office area, Jalan Sri Rezeki No. 10. Sulanjana Sub-district, East Jambi District.

Previously, thousands of employees at JNE Central Jakarta had participated in the vaccination program, and recently hundreds of JNE Jambi employees have moved to obtain vaccination as their self-protection during the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, the implementation of this vaccination was intended to help accelerate the government programs in achieving the communal or herd immunity. All employees from all JNE Branches will gradually receive vaccinations to optimally serve customers.

Jacksen, Head of JNE Jambi Branch, said, “JNE has continuously committed to deliver happiness for customers, in accordance with its tagline "connecting happiness". Thus, JNE is highly aware of the importance of vaccination for employees. In addition, we have also facilitated the employees' families for vaccination. I do hope that we can work together and collaborate in handling the spread of Corona viruses. Let's get vaccinated and follow the health protocols," he further explained.

Husin, SE as the Head of Sulanjana sub-district, delivered his gratitude to JNE, "Thank you JNE Jambi for the willingness to facilitate the vaccine program promoted by the Jambi city government. We are highly proud and appreciate JNE for participating and supporting this government program. We do hope that there will be more companies are willing to participate in the program and work together in solving the problems related to the recent continuously increasing COVID-19 cases. We also thank all related officers who have sincerely helped this vaccination program run smoothly and conducive in accordance with the health protocols.

JNE's awareness on COVID-19 pandemic is proven with its CSR programs performed at the JNE center and branch offices throughout Indonesia in collaboration with both government and private parties. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020 until now, JNE has allocated more than IDR 13 billion rupiahs for handling the outbreak of Covid-19 and others. Some of the collaborations include distributing 10,000 face-masks to 25 referral hospitals for corona patients in various cities throughout Indonesia; sending more than 25 million of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to all hospitals; and distributing hundred tons of other Covid-19 assistances to more than 1,200 health facilities, 1,135 institutions, and individuals throughout Indonesia.

JNE has recently collaborated with Rumah Zakat in the oxygen cylinder donation programs for hospitals and members of JNE Loyalty Card (JLC). JLC members can exchange points into donations for oxygen cylinders which will later be distributed to the hospitals in need. For further information related to this program can be seen on JNE Instagram @jne_id and JNE website https://jlc.jne.co.id/.

Jackson also added, "Since the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic until now, JNE has continuously implemented the health protocols in the working environment and services for customers by implementing social distancing in the operational areas and counters, routinely spraying disinfectants on all JNE equipment, and wearing face-masks for all JNE on-duty employees. We are very happy that we can also participate in this vaccination program. Thank you Sulanjana sub-district and all medical officers from Talang Banjar Health Center for making this vaccination program successfull," he further explained.

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