JNE Lampung Distributes Donations to Bussaina Child Welfare Institutions

27 July 2021

Bandar Lampung, July 2021 – Still celebrating National Children’s Day, which fell on July 23, JNE Bandar Lampung made a donation to the Child Welfare Institution (LKSA) Bussaina, which is at Jl Untung Suropati Famili VII No 51 Labuhan Ratu Bandar Lampung. Seeing the lives of children at the Bussaina Child Welfare Institution who have various backgrounds makes JNE Bandar Lampung care about the children in the institution, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

LKSA Bussaina was established in 2012 and legalized in 2014, currently has 70 foster children comprising 12 toddlers and 53 children. LKSA Bussaina at first glance is the same as orphanage foundations, namely caring for children from various backgrounds or history, having a special program or house for children, namely the Bussaina Lampung Children Friendly House. The routine of children at LKSA Bussaina every day has the same routine as children. In the morning, of course, you will wake up for the Fajr prayer, then clean the rooms for adults, take a shower and make breakfast, then there is exercise together. Then they have a nap until before Asr. In the afternoon, they prepare for activities to recite the Koran and study. This prompted JNE Bandar Lampung to visit and make donations to LKSA Bussaina.

Junaidi as the head of the JNE Bandar Lampung branch said, “JNE has a tagline namely Connecting Happiness which is a representation of every JNE business activity oriented to bringing happiness to remote areas of the country, not only delivering shipments but also carrying out the mandate to care for and benefit others and environment. JNE Lampung continues to carry out social activities to support the activities of the Lampung community as a form of our responsibility to the community, not to mention that we are currently visiting LKSA Bussaina, we also advise our younger siblings to always maintain health and always carry out health promotions.

When the donation was handed over, JNE Bandar Lampung was represented by Syarifuddin as Branch Support, Eki Vikano as Human Capital and Arosim Riqwan as Marketing. The donations were as necessities and equipment for babies and toddlers and cooking oil and rice. All these donations were received directly by Budi Hidayat as the Head of LKSA Bussaina. With a cheerful face, accompanied by several children, Budi received a donation from JNE Bandar Lampung.

On this occasion, Budi expressed his gratitude and gratitude to JNE, “I am very grateful and grateful to JNE, at this moment of national children’s day, JNE came to bring much-needed help to my foster children. Definitely, this is very useful for them for good use. We hope JNE can continue to be successful in its business and can continue to help the surrounding people. We hope that this activity can be a pioneer for other companies and hopefully activities like this can continue,” said Budi.

With the tagline Connecting Happiness, JNE Bandar Lampung and all JNE branches in Indonesia have programmed donations from 2.5% of JNE profits for charitable, social and other benevolent activities. This is under what has been exemplified by the founder of JNE, namely Mr. Soeprapto Suparno that JNE must share in goodness. Hopefully, the donations that have been given can put a smile on the faces and hearts of the younger siblings at LKSA Bussaina.


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