JNE Presents Domestic Special Products to Enliven the 2019 Bekasi Keren Bazaar

11 March 2019

March, 2019 – JNE has been serving the needs of the shipping package for the city of Bekasi and its surrounding areas; in fact, it continues to experience a positive growth of more than 30% every year. The growth rates of the number of deliveries are balanced between the numbers of incoming packets or sent out of Bekasi. This becomes a trigger that Bekasi is a city which has an equal productivity levels with the levels of consumption of their citizens.

To enhance the potential of productivity of the community, each year the Bekasi regional government also holds activities for SMEs, one of which is the Bekasi City Anniversary celebration. This year, the excitement of the 22nd anniversary of Bekasi city is increasing because there is the 2019 Bekasi Keren Bazaar which is a special moment for every businessman to showcase and market a wide range of typical products of his creation. In line with the Government's vision for improving the competitiveness of SMEs, and empowering JNE ever participated in 2019 Bekasi Keren Bazaar.

The event was opened by Diani Aprijanti as Secretary of the West Bekasi Sub-District Head at the Bekasi Barat District Office, Jl. Bintara Raya No.4, Bintara, Bekasi Barat on Tuesday March 5 2019 starting at 07.00 WIB until completion.

Even JNE's typical food products from Bekasi and all of JNE are exhibiting, so that the people present can get all the information on how to order local specialties, even taste them at the Pesona booth that JNE provides.

Not only that, Bekasi residents who have their own unique products can register their products and join more than 600 other SMEs in Pesona, where 4000 variants of typical foods are ready to be ordered from all over the archipelago.

Yoshi Sapto as the Branch Manager of JNE Bekasi explained, 60% - 70% of total JNE shipments are e-commerce shipments and JNE as an important role holder in online buying and selling transactions has also experienced an increase in the number of shipments each year.

Therefore, with the capabilities possessed and with the spirit of the Connecting Happiness tagline, JNE strives to continue to support the growth of SMEs in Bekasi through various programs, one of which is in the series of Bekasi City Anniversary this year.

Yoshi also added that opportunities to develop business for SMEs that JNE strive, not only from its Pesona, but also of the JLC or JNE Loyalty Card.

The number of its members increased more than 20% each year since its launch in December 2014, says Yoshi.

In order for each package delivery carried out by a business actor or SME in JNE to get benefits in the form of points that can be exchanged for various attractive prizes, or spectacular prizes at the end of the year, the MSMEs are invited to join JLC members, easily by signing up via the website www.jlc.jne.co.id

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