JNE Provides Appreciations to the TOP 15 Loyal Customers in Bogor through JLC Member Gathering 2018

13 April 2018

April 2018 - JLC (JNE Loyalty Card) is one JNE innovation in providing different experiences and various advantages to all JNE loyal customers, in which JLC members may earn various benefits in terms of points for each delivery made. The collected points may be exchanged with various attractive prizes, opportunities to take a part in the annual lucky draw to win the Grand Prize, capital cost proposal submission to develop businesses, and discounts from various merchants who have already been in cooperation with JLC.

The other benefit is that JNE regularly holds a meeting with the best JLC ​​members in each city throughout the archipelago at JLC Member Gathering event since 2014. The event was recently held in Bogor - West Java located at CAMORRA Eat & Drink Cafe, Jalan Pandu Raya Kav.27, Tegal Gundil - North Bogor on Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 10 a.m. Western Indonesian Time Zone - finish.

The best or top 15 JLC members in Bogor were invited and given explanation about the latest JNE service products, including various benefits and advantages of becoming JLC members. In such a good opportunity, a discussion directly with the members becomes the most important session during the activity. Various suggestions and criticisms from the JLC members are greatly beneficial for the development of JLC benefits and features to support the delivery activities and continuously develop the quality of JNE services.

"JLC members recently have different needs and interests in their delivery routines with larger quantity of goods through JNE. In fact, the type of needs also continuously increase along with the development of online shop, marketplace and ecommerce in Indonesia. The results of discussion conducted at the JLC Member Gathering 2018 is greatly beneficial in providing solutions that JNE may maximally fulfill and support the distribution activities of its loyal customers", said Amri Faizal as JNE Bogor Branch Manager.

Aryanti Kusfitri Asari as JNE Bodetabekcil Regional Head also said, "The number of JLC members continuously increase by approximately 20% each month throughout Indonesia that sustainable and continual innovations of JLC programs are made according to the JNE tagline “Connecting Happiness”. It is intended that all JNE members may feel the happiness by obtaining advantages and benefits in accordance with their expectations and needs that the benefits are not only prizes in the form of goods, but also various interesting experiences.

"JNE has also made a cooperation with Koinworks as an online service provider who connects funders with the SME owners that the JLC members who are also the SME actors are well supported with capital to develop their businesses. The collaboration made by JNE with the company owner of fintech technology is one form of corporate strategy in providing the added values for the customers ", Aryanti explained further.

In the future, JLC may provide special privileges to its members in utilizing JNE service products and opportunities to earn more points that the chances in obtaining all benefits become more widely open and greater. All JNE loyal customers who have not joined JLC may register their names in order to obtain various benefits from each delivery activity through JNE. It is easy and free of charge, by simply visiting the website https: //jlc.jne.co.id/ to complete the applicable requirements.

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