JNE Solo Aids 1000 Orphans

20 January 2020

January 2020 – Rahil recites the prayer for orphans loudly in front of the invited guests and orphans. He is one of 1000 orphans and poors invited by JNE Solo to attend the Santunan Akbar 1000 Anak Yatim dan Dhuafa (Great Charity for 1000 Orphans and Poors) event on Sunday (19/1) morning. Rahil is an orphan from Yayasan Yatim Mandiri who represents other orphans to recite the prayer for JNE Solo. Radiance is shown on Rahil and many other children’s faces who just cannot wait to see what the event will unfold in the ballroom of The Sunan Hotel Solo. 

As a company with its high social concern, JNE always tries its best to give benefit to its surrounding community. This goes hand in hand with the company’s values and slogan “Connecting Happiness” which has been implemented for almost three decades. In this event, JNE Solo invites 30 orphanages to attend and follow the event agenda.

It begins with opening and recital of Al-Quran holy verses and is followed by singing the national anthem Indonesia Raya and Mars JNE by all JNE’s employees. Afterwards, the Branch Manager of JNE Solo, Bambang Widiatmoko delivers his opening speech.

“In nearly every Islamic preach or ceremonial feast we always invite orphans and poors to be aided in person. This is because, in my humble opinion, what JNE Solo has achieved until today is also thanks to their prayers”, says Bambang who then gives the aid and various stationeries symbolically for the attending orphans.

Also attending the event is Ustadz Kelik Gunawan Pribadi S.Ag. S.Pd who is entrusted to deliver a preach entitled “The Beauty of Sharing with Others” to which the invited guests and JNE Solo employees carefully listen. The event gets even more lively as the children are entertained with Islamic storytelling on the history of the Prophet and his companions by Kak Bony from Yayasan Yatim Mandiri.

The Head Regional for Jateng-DIY, Marsudi expresses his delight and happiness upon seeing this great event organized by JNE Solo. Similar event had once been held in Yogyakarta in 2016 when Marsudi was still a Branch Manager for JNE Yogyakarta.

He really is thankful that JNE Solo can organize an event which could give benefit to thousands of orphans in Greater Solo this year. “There is a hadith which mentions that the best among us humans are those who can give benefits to others, and this should also be applied by JNE which should be able to give benefits to its surrounding community” said this father of three daughters.

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