Functions of My JNE Application:

  1. To check the tariff of JNE courier services for all destinations in Indonesia
  2. To check JNE delivery status
  3. To locate the nearest JNE location
  4. To perform transaction between individual seller and buyer            

How to use My JNE Application

  • Downloading the MyJNE Application, My JNE can be downloaded from Google Playstore. You can find it on Google Playstore by searching “MyJNE” or by clicking this link Complete the requested information, and My JNE will send a confirmation email shortly. Click on the link provided by the confirmation email, and your account will be activated after you have filled all the required fields. By completing this process, your phone number will be connected with your JNE shipment.
  • My Shipment Feature, JNE customers will have easy access to their shipment history. This feature is only available to registered users.
  • Tariff Checking Feature, This tariff checking feature can be utilized by both registered and guest / anonymous users. Users need to input the shipment’s place of origin in the From field and the destination in the To field, and the application will show the tariff of the shipment.
  • JNE Nearby Feature, This feature to find the nearest JNE outlet or service center can be accessed by both registered users and guest/anonymous users. This feature is available under the JNE Nearby menu in the application. In order to access this feature, please ensure that the GPS feature on your phone is switched on.
  • My COD Feature, My COD (Cash on Digital) is a feature in the My JNE application which facilitates the payment of online shopping using escrow system. My COD acts as a neutral mediator in the transaction, to minimize the risk of loss that could be experienced by both the seller and the buyer. My COD is accessible only to registered users and is available under the My COD menu in the application. After registering as a user in the My JNE application, My COD menu will be activated, and customers will be able to perform transactions through it. Without registration, My COD menu will be inactivated. By using My COD feature, sellers and buyers data will be recorded in My JNE system and will be connected to both parties’ phone numbers. My COD will also show the nominal value of transaction, including the shipping cost that needs to be paid using the JNE virtual account or JNE e-wallet.
  • My COD Wallet Feature, To start the feature, press the red button with a cube symbol located on the lower end of the My COD Wallet page. My COD Wallet feature provides various facilities for the users, which include transfer of fund among the users of My COD Wallet, virtual account top up, cash out or withdrawal of fund from a particular account, access to history / record of transaction done through My COD Wallet. My COD Wallet is only available to registered users and can be accessed under the My COD Wallet menu in the application.
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