Items and documents submission to be sent or transported by JNE (as defined below), the sender is fully aware, agree, and accept the Conditions of Carriage as follow:

  • PT. TIKI Jalur Nugraha Ekakurir

PT. TIKI Jalur Nugraha Ekakurir (will further be referred as “JNE”), on this conditions of carriage is the shipping corporation, its subsidiaries and branches, their respective employees and agents. The contract of carriage is with JNE subsidiary, branch or independent contractor which accepts the shipment from the sender.

  • Terms and Condition about Shipping Standard
    1. Conditions of Carriage is the inseparable standard which binds and regulate the terms and agreeement between JNE and sender.
    2. All transactions made in JNE Sales Counter is implemented based on terms and agreement regulated within the Condition of Carriage and applied Standard Operating Procedure.
    3. Other terms excluded from Condition of Carriage will be in a custom made written agreement.
  • Inspection of Shipment
    1. JNE has the privilege to:
  • Inspect Items and Documents which will be sent.
  • Undergo inspection and evaluate the properness of the packaging.
  • Reject any package which JNE considers to be improperly packaged and is not suitable with JNE standard and violate the law.
  • Reject any counterfeited package/package falsification (sender statement is different with the content of the package).


  1. JNE is not held responsible to any falsified/counterfeited package, package which against the constitution, and package that violates the law.
  2. Sender is obliged to pack the package based on the applied safety standard in shipping.
  3. Sender must attach and include the sender and receiver information and data in the package completely and accurately (names, address, cities/town, subdistrict, neighbourhood, postal codes, and telephone number).
  4. JNE will not liable for any charges resulted from any damage or loss during custom clearance or inspenction from other responsible authorities.
  5. Sender excludes JNE for any delay, damage or loss, and any extra shipping cost which is resulted from sender`s error or failure in complying with the obligation above.
  • Transport Procedures

JNE has the privilege to transport the package through any route, method, procedure and network owned by JNE.

  • Items Unacceptable for Carriage
    1. Items categorized as Dangerous Goods are not acceptable and cannot be shipped by JNE, unless otherwise agreed specifically and separately from this Conditions of Carriage.
    2. JNE refuse any shipment prohibited by JNE regulation and violate the constitution such as: Narcotics, Psychotropics, Firearms, Weaponry, Gold, Stamps, Stolen Goods, Money (cash, cheque, money order, traveller`s cheque), Pornography/obscene materials, and other Prohibited items as regulated by the law.
    3. JNE will not liable for any loss and extra charges including any lawsuit, which is resulted from sender`s error
    4. JNE has the privilege and may take necessary procedure to any items which found to be violating ot the regulation in this Terms and Conditions of Carriage.


  • Shipment Authentication
  1. Sender is the authentic owner of the package submitted to JNE.
  2. Sender authenticates the submitted package to JNE and has complied with the appplied regulation and constitution.
  3. JNE will not liablefor any lawsuit resulted from violation toward shipment authentication.


  • Rates
  1. Rates are sum of money paid by the sender for utilising the shipping service and are subject to local tariff and JNE subsidiary.
  2. The tariff imposed by JNE includes VAT (Value Added Tax).


  • Insurance
  1. Items or documents worth over 10 (ten) times shipping cost is recommended to obtain nsurance cover in order to protect sender`s interests.
  2. Total earned premiums calculation and items or documents claims are regulated separately from this Conditions of Carriage.


  • Money Back Guarantee Policy
  1. JNE offers a money back guarantee policy for any damage or loss to sender`s package due to JNE`s errors.
  2. JNE will not liable for any consequences resulted from any occurence or incident above which is but not limited to financial loss, other indirect financial loss during goods transportation and delivery which is caused by something beyond JNE`s ability to control such as damage taken from force majeure (unforeseeable circumstances that prevent JNE to fulfill its obligation) for example earthquake, natural disaster, riot, flooding, epidemics, war, coup, rebellion, government policies and other causes that beyond JNE`s capacity to resolve.
  3. A refund will only be given for any damage or loss which is proven to be resulted from JNE`s errors with maximum refund of 10 (ten) times shipping cost except for the insuranced package.


  • Claim's Procedures
  1. Claims can only be made by the sender.
  2. Notice of claim must comply with all condition regulated by JNE but not limited to the documents required in requesting the claim.
  3. Claims is within 14 (fourten days) after delivery of the shipment.
  4. Failure to comply with any of the above conditions will result in denial of the claim and claims made more than 14 (fourten days) after delivery of the shipment will not be processed.


  • Law and Settlement

Mediation to any dispute over this Terms and Conditions of Carriage will be brought in West Jakarta District Court.


  • Others

JNE is member of ATA association (International Air Transport Association), ASPERINDO (Asosiasi Perusahaan Nasional Pengiriman dan Pengantaran Barang Indonesia/ Express Courier Association in Indonesia), Airline Agent and subject to applicable provisionsof Directorate General of Post and Telecommunication.


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