JNE Donates 225 Beds for Covid-19 Patients’ Isolation

22 June 2021

In order to support the government's program to tackle the spread of Covid-19, JNE handed over 225 beds. Donations in the form of mattresses and beds were given to the Nagrak Flat, Marunda, Cilincing, North Jakarta, which since Monday (21/6/2021) has been functioning as a place of isolation as well as receiving Covid-19 patients.

The ceremonial handing over of 225 beds which took place Monday (21/6/2021) in the courtyard of the Nagrak Tower 1 Flats was carried out by JNE's Corporate Planning Specialist, Widodo, to Hilal as the DKI Jakarta Baznas/Bazis Disaster Response Program representing the DKI Provincial Government and then handed over to the management Rusun Nagrak.

Hilal said, "On behalf of the Baznas/Bazis of DKI Province, we would like to thank JNE, which continues to show its concern in the context of dealing with Covid-19". According to him, the bed donation from JNE is a good collaboration in order to break the chain of the spread of Covid-19 which has recently been increasing in trend in the DKI area.

"At the beginning of the pandemic, JNE has also submitted a donation of IDR 1 billion and by Baznas/Baziswhich it has been distributed to those who are entitled, namely the people affected by Covid-19 in DKI Jakarta," added Hilal, when met by JNEWS on the sidelines of the event.

Hilal revealed, the beds from JNE are not only intended for Covid-19 patients, but some of them will be used in the rooms in Tower 1. The location is also inhabited by medical personnel, including doctors, nurses and other medical personnel.

"JNE's efforts to always care about helping government programs to cope with Covid-19 should be followed by other companies. Collaboration and solidarity from various parties is one of the keys to breaking the chain of the spread of Covid-19. Hopefully this pandemic will end soon. We also pray for JNE, hopefully it will continue to progress and develop and always get blessings from Allah SWT, "said Hilal.

As is known, because the number of positive Covid-19 patients in Jakarta continues to increase, where the Covid-19 Emergency Hospital Wisma Atlet Kemayoran can no longer accommodate patients, the Nagrak Flat is functioned as a place of isolation as well as receiving Covid-19 patients without symptoms.

The Nagrak Flat itself consists of 14 towers, of which towers 11-14 are currently inhabited by the general public. Meanwhile, towers 1-5 are used as self-isolation facilities for patients. "JNE will continue to try to help the government to stop and fight the spread of Covid-19. Hopefully this bed assistance can be useful for both patients who are self-isolating and medical workers," he added. *



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