The Beauty of Sharing on Blessing Friday

04 June 2021

For Muslims, Friday is a special day, because it is the day the reward of worship will be multiplied, especially alms to the poor, orphans and other people in need. For this reason, JNE held a Blessing Friday program by distributing food.

Alms on Friday is highly recommended, it is because of its virtue and extraordinary benefits, namely every Friday the angels report all the deeds that have been done by humans during the previous week. Giving charity in addition to bringing blessings, abundant sustenance, can also be an antidote to distress or calamity.

Hoping for these extraordinary virtues and benefits, JNE gives alms to the congregation of the mosque in the JNE Headquarters, Tomang, West Jakarta. One of them, such as to dozens of worshipers of the Mujahideen Mosque, Friday (4/6/2021), in the form of snacks and fruits.

A week later, on Friday (11/6/2021), the Friday Blessings alms in the form of snacks and fruits worth millions of rupiah were also given to worshipers at three mosques, namely Baitul Hikmah Mosque, Nurul Huda Mosque and Al Jihad Mosque. The JNE Friday Blessing Alms Program involved several employees from JNE EGD.


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