International Express

Delivery services for overseas destinations.


The estimate time delivery varies depending on a state zone calculated starting from Jakarta


all over the world (234 Countries)

Cashback Guarantee

not applicable

Terms and Conditions:

1. Deliveries are conducted on business days in the destination country, with estimated delivery times varying based on country zones.

2. Additional charges apply for specific conditions.

3. The money back guarantee policy is not applicable.

Delivery Information:

1. International shipments must be accompanied by a Commercial Invoice from the sender, written in English and not handwritten. The invoice should include the following details:

a. Item prices 

b. Quantity of items

2. For non-document shipments, the shipping cost does not cover duty and tax in the destination country. These charges are to be borne by the recipient. If the recipient refuses to pay, the duty and tax expenses will be charged to the sender, with prior notification provided by JNE Customer Service.

3. The recipient's address must include the postal code, telephone number, and email address (if available).

4. Shipments of non-document items such as liquids or powders must include a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Customers should be informed that such items require additional delivery time due to the necessary MSDS verification.

5. Document shipments weighing over 2 kg fall into the package category.

6. Volumetric calculation: Length x Width x Height divided by 5000.

Shipment Weight Information:

1. For shipments or volumetric weights up to 50 kg, a packing fee of Rp. 200,000 applies.

2. For shipments or volumetric weights between 50 kg and 100 kg, a packing fee of Rp. 500,000 applies.

3. For shipments or volumetric weights between 100 kg and 150 kg, a packing fee of Rp. 700,000 applies.

4. For shipments or volumetric weights above 150 kg, the packing fee is calculated on a case-by-case basis.

5. An additional fumigation fee of Rp. 650,000 per shipment per cubic meter (CBM) is applicable.



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