ASI pick-up services from the activity sites up to delivery to the destinations

Cashback Guarantee

JESIKA provides a service that encompasses the collection of breast milk from its source of production to its delivery destination. JESIKA ensures a tranquil and comfortable experience for nursing mothers by employing motorcycle transportation equipped with specially designed cooler bags, ice packs, sealed plastic clips, and barcodes to preserve the quality of breast milk and prevent any mix-up with other supplies during transit.

JESIKA operates exclusively on business days, Monday to Friday, within the Jabodetabek area, both for pickup and delivery. The maximum allowable quantity for each delivery is 5 bottles of breast milk. Subscribers have the option to choose from daily, weekly (5 days), and monthly (20 days) subscription packages. Orders and payments can be made between 09:00 and 12:00 WIB. Complimentary pickup and delivery services will be arranged for the following day if breast milk is received more than 4 hours after the scheduled pickup time. In the case of bottle breakage during transit, new breast milk bottles, as well as pickup and delivery services for the subsequent day, will be provided at no cost.

For further information about JESIKA, please contact:

Toll-Free: 0 800 1 451 451 


Twitter: @jesikaJNE

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