JTR serves as the preferred shipping solution for bulk quantities, utilizing ground (truck) and sea transportation between cities/regions, offering a more economical tariff.




1. Shipments eligible for the JTR service include large-sized documents/packages, subject to a minimum tariff of 10kg in accordance with the destination city's shipping rate. 

2. For documents/packages weighing less than 10kg, a 10kg tariff will apply. If the package weighs above 10kg, a per kg price increment will be applicable based on the destination city.

3. Determining the actual weight:

  • If the actual weight of the item is <1.3kg, it will be rounded down to 1kg.
  • If the actual weight of the item is ≥1.3kg, it will be rounded up to 2kg.
  • The minimum weight is 10kg. If the total weight is less than 10kg, the shipping cost will be calculated for 10kg.

4. Calculation of JTR shipment's volumetric dimension:

  • Length x Width x Height (cm) x 1kg / 5000.

5. For important and valuable JTR shipments, it is recommended to use shipment protection insurance. The premium calculation is as follows:

  • 0.5% x item value + Rp. 5,000 (administration fee per policy/connote).

6. JTR shipments weighing over 250kg per parcel* will incur a Surcharge for package handling as follows:

  • Parcel weight 0 – 249kg: no surcharge.
  • Parcel weight 250 – 299kg: surcharge of Rp150,000.
  • Parcel weight 300 – 399kg: surcharge of Rp200,000.
  • Parcel weight 400 – 499kg: surcharge of Rp300,000.
  • Parcel weight >500kg: surcharge of Rp600,000 or based on the equipment cost for handling the shipment. (*If a connote indicates a total weight of 250kg but consists of 5 parcels each weighing 50kg, no surcharge applies.)

7. Additional charges for wooden packing are available at the shipping counter, with additional estimated prices calculated as follows:


1. Motorcycle shipments using the JTR service are divided into categories:

  • Motorcycle Category A (below 150cc)
  • Motorcycle Category B (151cc to 250cc)
  • Motorcycle Category C (251cc to 750cc)
  • Motorcycle Category MOGE (large motorcycles)

2. The applicable tariff is based on the motorcycle shipment category and destination city.

3. Required documents:

  • Copy of Owner's ID Card (KTP)
  • Copy of Vehicle Registration Certificate (BPKB) corresponding to the registered vehicle (or a letter from the leasing company if the vehicle is still under credit)
  • Original Vehicle Registration Certificate (STNK) corresponding to the registered vehicle
  • Motorcycle key
  • If the motorcycle is new, include the original purchase invoice or a letter from the dealer verifying its condition
  • A Transportation Order (SPK or ORIGIN) is mandatory for inter-island shipments
  • Police Escort Letter processing fee: Rp 50,000 per document
  • Must fill out a Vehicle Checklist for 2-wheeled vehicles. This is crucial for claims and requires signatures during transactions between staff and sender.
  • The vehicle and its documents must be insured
  • Maximum insurance coverage for documents:
    • STNK: Rp 1,500,000
    • BPKB: Rp 3,000,000
    • Invoice: Rp 1,000,000
  • If STNK is missing, a loss report from the police is required.
  • Motorcycle shipment packing fee:
    • Motorcycle Category A: Rp 50,000
    • Motorcycle Category B: Rp 100,000
    • Motorcycle Category C: Rp 150,000
  • Maximum included items in the shipment are 2 helmets; other items will incur separate transaction charges. Large motorcycles must include a paddock.
  • All vehicles must be shipped with an empty fuel tank to avoid risks during transportation.
  • If the motorcycle is under leasing, the leasing agreement must be included.
  • Any engine damage (on/off) is not the responsibility of the expedition (e.g., flat battery, starter issues, etc.).
  • Empty the fuel tank.

4. Additional notes:

  • STNK + Vehicle Tax must not expire.
  • Stolen motorcycles cannot be shipped for any reason.
  • The SPK (Transportation Order) is not legally binding but is for the convenience and security of both the sending company and the customer.
  • The police certificate is proof to the sending company that the motorbike being shipped is trouble-free, has no criminal records, and is being transported by an authorized party.

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