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By trusting a document and/or goods to deliver by JNE, Sender is considered accepting and agreeing all terms and conditions which have become the JNE Delivery Requirement Standard as referred below (hereinafter referred to as DRS)

By trusting a document and/or goods to deliver by JNE, Sender is considered accepting and agreeing all terms and conditions which have become the JNE Delivery Requirement Standard as referred below (hereinafter referred to as DRS):


  1. PT. Tiki Jalur Nugraha Ekakurir (JNE) is a company which one of its activities is providing documents and/or goods delivery/shipment.
  2. Cash Basis is a payment system on Delivery Service applicable at the initial provision of Delivery Service.
  3. Consignment Note hereinafter referred to Connote is a sheet of transaction and payment proof.
  4. Package is documents and/or goods sent by Sender through JNE.
  5. Sender is users of JNE services for documents and goods delivery who have the rights to Package as long as Package has not been given to Receiver.
  6. Receiver is a party who receives Package from Sender.
  7. Postpaid is a payment system applicable at the end of the month for each provision of Delivery Service.
  8. Delivery Service is documents and/or goods delivery/shipment service made by JNE as requested by Sender.
  9. Delivery Requirement Standard or “DRS” is a binding requirement standard and inseparable part of agreement between JNE and Sender.
  10. Force Majeure is a condition as referred in Point 10.
  11. Calendar Day is Monday to Sunday along the year, including both Religious and National Holidays.
  12. Work Day is days except Saturday, Sunday or National Holidays in Indonesia, in which commercial banks are open for common businesses in Jakarta.
  13. Delivery Tariff is tariff that should be paid by Sender for Delivery Service (including tax) set by JNE as mentioned at JNE official website page or other media set by JNE


  1. All transactions related to Delivery Service are made based on terms and conditions regulated in this DRS and the applicable Standard Operating Procedure.
  2. JNE Delivery Service consists of:Delivery Service based on payment system.
    •  JNE Delivery Service based on payment system is divided into Cash Basis Delivery Service and Postpaid Delivery Service
    • Delivery Service based on delivery time period.JNE Delivery Service based on delivery time period is in accordance with the standard set by JNE.
  3. Delivery Service based on delivery time period will subject to distance, availability, and facility support from delivery original site to delivery destination site.
  4. Other conditions which have not been regulated in this DRS will be made and regulated in particular written agreement.
  1. ​Delivery Service may be performed via JNE delivery office or JNE agent or pickup onsite at Sender’s place on Calendar Day in compliance with JNE delivery office and agent’s operating hours.
  2. JNE has the right to transport document and/or goods to be delivered through JNE’s tracks, methods, procedures and agent networks.
  3. Each Package performed by JNE will be proven with a Connote.
  1. In performing delivery, JNE has the right to:
    • Check the conformity of Package content to information submitted by Sender related to Package content.
    • Check and assess the appropriateness of Package packaging.
    • Reject any Package that JNE assumes to have inappropriate packaging according to JNE standard policy and prevailing laws and regulations.
    • Reject any Package of which content information does not conform to Package physical content.
  2. JNE is not responsible for Package content that does not conform to information given by Sender, including Package which is prohibited by or violates laws and regulations and Package obtained and/or used for unlawful purposes.
  3. Sender is responsible only for Package packaging security pursuant to prevailing security standards.
  4. Sender must include Sender and Receiver information data on Package packaging completely and correctly (name, address, city, subdistrict, village, postal code and telephone number).
  5. Sender and JNE agree that in case of disadvantage resulted from loss and/or damage while Package is withheld by the Customs and Excise or other authority, it will be Sender‘s sole responsibility. With regard to this, Sender hereby holds JNE harmless from any such responsibility or loss.
  6. Sender holds JNE harmless from any delay, loss, damage and/or cost arising from Sender’s negligence and failure in compliance with its responsibilities above.
  1. JNE shall not accept prohibited Package as set forth in this DRS, except set out specifically and separately from this DRS.
  2. JNE shall not accept and have the right to refuse to deliver any prohibited Package based on JNE‘s provisions and prevailing laws and regulations in the Republic of Indonesia, including: explosive or flammable item, narcotic, psychotropic, firearm, sharp weapon, gold, stamp, swag, cheque, giro bilyet, cash, money order, traveller’s cheque, immoral item and/or other prohibited item based on laws and regulations.
  3. Sender holds JNE harmless from loss and/or cost arising including lawsuit resulted from Sender‘s failure and mistake for non-compliance with the provisions in points 5.1 and 5.2.
  4. JNE has the right to take any actions deemed necessary, immediately after becoming aware of any violation of this point.
  1. Sender warrants that Sender is the legal owner of and/or has the authority over Package submitted to JNE.
  2. Sender warrants that Package submitted to JNE is not a prohibited Package as referred to point 5.
  3. Sender holds JNE harmless from any party’s lawsuit for violation of Package ownership warranty.

JNE has the right to impose Delivery Tariff for Delivery Service.

  1. Sender is recommended to insure goods or document with price/value over 10 (ten) times of delivery cost.
  2. Calculations of premium and claim values for goods or document delivered are set out separately from this DRS.
  3. Insurance is provided by JNE only based on Sender’s instruction to JNE in writing.
  1. JNE is responsible for compensation of loss suffered by Sender resulted from delay, damage, loss or mistake in Package delivery resulted from JNE‘s negligence.
  2. Without prejudice to other provisions set forth in DRS, JNE is not responsible for consequence damage arising from the abovementioned incidents, including, without limitation to, commercial, financial and other indirect losses, including those during transportation as the result of matters beyond the JNE‘s supervisory capacity or other indirect losses from force majeure or other causes beyond JNE‘s control.
  3. Compensation in damage, lost or mistakes in delivering a shipments as proven without doubt that is caused by JNE, shall be maximum 10 (ten) times of delivery tariff for Domestic Service and for International Service is as per value declared in commercial invoice with the maximum compensation of USD.100 as per IATA regulation. This does not apply if the shipment is insured by an insurance company
  4. Compensation for delayed Package delivery is available only for YES and/or Super Speed service user.
  5. Compensation for delayed Package delivery with YES and/or Super Speed service in Package delivery proven as the result of JNE’s failure and mistake shall be in the form of Delivery Tariff refund to Sender.
  1. For the purpose of this DRS, force majeure means any event, condition or occurrence that takes place beyond reasonable capability, power or control of JNE and is not caused by such Party’s mistake, and such event, condition or occurrence inhibits, prevent, or delay JNE’s performance of its Delivery Service obligations. Force majeure event includes but not limited to the following conditions: natural disaster, such as flood, landslide, volcanic eruption, hurricane, storm, earthquake, or lightning, uprising, riots, unrest, war (either declared or not), or military act, fire, Embargo, Strike, Sabotage, unavailable electricity, telecommunication network error and/or issuance of decision, policy, regulation, or performance of act, by the authority which inhibits, prevents, or delays directly a Party’s performance of its obligation under this Agreement.
  2. In case of such force majeure, JNE will inform Sender in writing from the occurrence of such force majeure and in any case, as long as JNE is able to do so, use its best effort to remove or correct such condition reasonably as soon as possible.
  1. Claim over Package may only be made by Sender.
  2. Claim submission shall follow all provisions set out by JNE including but not limited to documents required for claim submission.
  3. Maximum time for claim submission is 14 (fourteen) Calendar Days after Package should have been received.
  4. Claim will not be processed after 14 (fourteen) Calendar Days after Package should have been received.

Any Dispute over Delivery Service and this DRS shall be settled through District Court in West Jakarta.

JNE is a registered member of  ASPERINDO (Asosiasi Perusahaan Nasional Pengiriman dan Pengantaran Barang Indonesia), and Airline Agent and subject to prevailing provisions specifically for POST Administrator.

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